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What if you could turn your Home Automation into a Sensible House?


Éclipse is a smart light that have been design to let you focus your attention on what really matter. Far away the time you have been interrupted by your notifications. Now, you rule your digital life with the Minimal Disruption desired.





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70 notifications / day with 48% considered as disturbing or inappropriate.

More than 150 smartphone checks in a day!










Technology with humans at the center



We trust in technology but technology should not be intrusive. 

Either we connect, but constantly get sucked in. Or we unplug, but lose out on all the benefits of technology.

We need to restore choice.

We believe in the possibility of better design, that lets us connect without getting sucked in. And disconnect, without missing something important.

And we believe in the possibility of an economy that’s built to help us spend time well, where products compete for net positive contributions to our lives.


We built Éclipse to make technology the more human and unobtrusive as possible; allowing your attention to stay on the things and people that really matter, without being disconnected or interrupted. 



Work with your favorite things

Connected object and applications synch each other in a click enabling you to set the finest life scenarios you have ever imagined.




Few more degrees when you watch a movie?  


Need a break the weekend or after 9pm?



Discover new artist when you take your shower!

Philips Hue

Stimulating light in the morning and warm light in the afternoon?


And much more been added daily

Netflix, Slack, Smart Things, Home Kit, Android, Fitbit, MASAS ...


Want to set a digital break when your child come back from school?


Just 5mn / hour when I work!




Privacy by Design



The more you will use Éclipse, the more it knows you. The simple self-training algorithm of Éclipse makes it unique to your fit, gathering lot of information on your habits everyday. With the privacy by design principle your personal data, never communicate with the cloud, never leaves Éclipse and are automatically encrypted. 

No one can see it except you. 








Always available, never interrupted





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